Why are Some Résumé Writing Companies Cheap and Others are So Expensive??

We can’t answer for everyone, however, the saying you get what you pay for still holds true today. You will find résumé writers who fall into the following categories:

Cheap or Inexpensive Services:

  • Résumé Writers who work from home and write résumés as a side gig
  • Those who work for a university’s career center and also write résumés in their spare time
  • Someone who is new to the industry and not very experienced
  • A writer who is not up-to-date on what makes an effective résumé
  • A Résumé Mill, usually found through a search engine. Most times, it’s an outsourced company that uses templates and you simply fill out a questionnaire to have your résumé completed
  • A commercial company that simply writes basic résumés
  • An online company that also writes basic résumés. There are coupons with steep discounts through the daily deals company. Such as $79 for a $300 résumé. Beware!

Moderate to Expensive Services:

  • Certified Professional Résumé Writers who continue updating their skills through workshops and conferences
  • Writers who work with recruiters to stay on top of what companies are looking for
  • Professional Résumé Writers who work strictly with executives on a regular basis
  • Commercial companies with a team of résumé writing consultants and Certified Professional Résumé Writers (these companies do not usually have one person doing the consulting and writing either due to their large client base and/or to give faster service)
  • Professional Résumé Writers who provide more of a white glove service, where one-on-one, in-person or telephone consultations are ALWAYS conducted prior to even writing your résumé.
  • Revisions are included and you can call your writer or consultant anytime during business hours
  • Commercial résumé writing companies that offer a suite of services such as interview coaching, assistance with your job search, LinkedIn profile, or in finding a recruiter
  • Highly experienced Professional Certified Writers who have written for virtually every field, every scenario, non-traditional and federal government résumés
  • Résumé writing companies or an individual professional writer that guarantee their services and have a proven track record to justify the cost
  • Professional Résumé Writers and Career Coaches who offer these services together
    and a commercial company that may simply have overhead due to all of the services they provide.

A good, highly effective résumé takes time to write. Many people aren’t aware, but there’s also research involved. The higher the level of the client, the more. When choosing someone to write your résumé think of what’s more important to you and make sure you use a professional who is certified.

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