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Just Need An Update?
If you’re happy with your current résumé, don’t need a complete rewrite, but want to make some minor or major adjustments or revisions then this is the place! We can have your updated résumé completed within 3-5 business days.

The Process:

  1. Choose whether you need a minor or major résumé update based on the descriptions listed.
  2. Click the payment option and submit your order. Once your order comes in we will confirm.
  3. Email or fax your current résumé to: info@blueprintresumes.com or 404-736-9284. If you are a repeat client, we have your files already. You only need to submit your résumé if you’ve made changes since the last time you worked with us.
  4. Email or fax the changes you desire. If you are ordering a Major Update and need to add your most current position please include the following:
    • Company Name, City, State and Employment Dates (Just the years will suffice)
    • Title or Titles
    • A brief list of your main duties
    • Any quantifiable accomplishments or results you can think of
    • One or two job postings of interest (only for major updates)
    • Also for major updates, you may send your company’s job description if you wish. Just highlight your main duties on the description.
  5. If you are ordering a cover letter please tell us (in an email or fax) any specifics that you would like to add. For example, parts of a recommendation letter (please send us the letter), salary you’re seeking, why you wish to work for a particular company, if you’re willing to relocate or travel, if you’d like to explain a sabbatical, etc…

Résumé Updates (minor) – $175.00


For minor changes such as contact information, adding a degree, modifying the profile, etc…

Repeat clients click here

Major Résumé Updates – $250.00


Includes updating most recent job description, accomplishments, any additional information. These résumés usually need extensive modifications to fit the additional information. This is NOT a complete rewrite or reformatting of your résumé.

Repeat clients click here

Cover Letter (General) – $75.00


Designed for any company you apply to in your specific industry.

Cover Letter (Customized) – $95.00


Tailored for a specific company and position which puts you at the top of the pile!

Next Day/Rush Service – $95.00


Need a telephone consultation to discuss your updates? Feel free to call us; 404-736-9284. There is no need for an in-person consultation for updates.

We’re happy to help! If you clicked on this page in error and need a complete rewrite click here: Résumé Services

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

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