Résumé Formats

Various resume formatting

Many job candidates inquire about the importance of an e-resume. Do you plan on posting your resume online or just hand delivering it? If both then you’ll need an e-resume. Have you ever posted your resume to a job board and had to realign the text? What if you had to do this for every search engine you post your resume to? This can be very frustrating! Unless you post an e-resume either in an ASCII or Plain Word Text format, your resume will not look very appealing on most job boards, since the text may be scattered. This causes hiring managers to overlook your resume and move on to the next one. Many companies are scanning resumes into their databases as well. Your e-resume is suitable for scanning.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Most mid-sized to large corporations use an ATS system to screen, track, sort and organize candidate’s resumes whether they’re internal or external candidates. These days, the highly requested method is to apply for a position online. Even if your resume is submitted by paper, it may be scanned into the company’s system. Employers have specific keywords programmed into the ATS for each position. If your resume lacks these keywords, then it goes into the E-trash! This is when you usually get the “rejection” letter email.

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