Outplacement Services

Research shows that losing one’s job is one of the most stressful experiences a person can face…
Whether in person or by phone, we offer a number of outplacement services such as:

Writing Services

  • Professional Résumés written by Certified Professional Résumé Writers
  • Mid-Level Executive to Senior Executive Résumés with a key focus on branding
  • Cover Letters (General or Customized)
  • LinkedIn Profiles (Fully built out 100%)
  • Detailed Reference Sheets
  • Salary History Sheets
  • Executive Bios

Job Search Services

  • Résumé Writing Workshops & Seminars (tailored for your group)
  • Interview Coaching
  • Career Transitioning Consulting
  • Job Search Strategy Assistance


You can find our general pricing on the home page of our website; however, we do offer group discounts on packages. Here’s an example of pricing for our typical résumé writing package per employee:

Non-Management (our Premium category) Résumé, Cover Letter, E-Résumé Package and LinkedIn Profile: $600
Company Group Discount of 10% -$60
Total: $540

Mid-Level Executive Résumé, Cover Letter E-Résumé Package and LinkedIn Profile: Total: $710
Company Group Discount of 10%- $71.00
Total: $639

We also have Director and C-Level Packages that are discounted.

Workshops & Seminars

Depending on the size of the group, the organization, and the customization, pricing is either per person or by the hour.

Career Consulting & Job Search Strategy Assistance

$95 per hour, per employee

We also offer Résumé Distribution for national job search engine sites, as well as a Recruiter Résumé Distribution service where we will match your employees with the right recruiter and submit their new résumé. Click here to view more: Job Search Services

A few companies we have provided services for:

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HomeDepot logo Atlanta Falcons logo cnn-logohp logo mckesson logo

Contact Us Today! By Email: info@blueprintresumes.com or Call 770-792-4434.

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