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From project managers, marketing/sales executives and more, we have helped thousands of management level clients in virtually every industry out there! Prior to literary and publishing, the owner’s background was in IT, customer service and marketing (10 years) and prior to that the restaurant industry for eight years! Other writers have various business and engineering backgrounds as well. Although we all have specialties, we write for everyone, therefore we know quite a bit about many of the latest fields and roles. Whether it’s a traditional, non-traditional or federal government resume, we add the best keywords and relevant accomplishments that show you are a leader in your field. No fluff or cliché wording, just your voice to the résumé.

Put your best foot forward by adding a cover letter and LinkedIn profile!

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Résumé Only- $395.00

Résume with Cover Letter- $455.00

Résumé with Cover Letter and ATS Résumés – $495.00
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Résumé, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile- $670.00


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Next Day/Rush Service – $95.00
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