Is Your Résumé ATS Friendly?

Executives in a brain storming session huddled around a laptop and a large marker padWhen we’re conducting resume workshops for organizations, one of the first items we cover is the ATS resume. For those unaware, ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. To make your resume ATS friendly it has to be formatted so that the tracking systems can interpret the text correctly.

Have you ever posted your resume to a job search engine or a company’s resume board only to have the text scatter, certain fonts and graphics lost and you have to sit there and fix it? That means it wasn’t formatted for the ATS system. Many databases will not even accept your resume if it’s not in this format, and those that do might pair you with the most undesirable jobs with very low pay.

Some people think this just means having a plain text resume. This is only part of what you need in order to get your resume through the system and in front of the right recruiter. You need keywords, certain fonts changed and the text needs to be aligned correctly.

So, don’t just think you need a resume and cover letter for your job search. Get fully prepared!

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