I Can Get Interviews So Why Else Would I Need A Professional Résumé?

Get more serious interviews!

Often times you may have an inside contact at a company and a résumé is a mere formality. You may still be competing with others so the more professional your résumé is, the better.

Have you ever had a brief phone interview that didn’t lead to an in-person one? Or how about one for a commissions-only job? Or, one where you found out later that you really didn’t need to be all that qualified because the recruiter was simply trying to fill a quota or head count. Many times this will happen if your résumé doesn’t project you as a serious candidate. If it looks like you’re just looking for a job and not serious about your career, then no one will take you seriously. Avoid those undesirable calls, low salary offerings, and meaningless positions by first starting with a professional, well-crafted résumé that says you are a leader in your field!

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