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american eagle in front of american flag waving like being blown with a wind gustIf you are applying for a federal government position, then you will need your résumé tailored to certain specifications unlike those of a corporate résumé for the private sector. To even get through the initial screening process you must meet their rules for submission in addition to minimum qualifications and job announcement parameters. Once you have identified a specific position and job announcement or requisition number we can adequately prepare your résumé.

Federal Resume Samples

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) Services:

Part of your extensive application packet may include a request for KSA statements. KSAs or Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are in-depth, factual, narrative statements, complete with examples to support the position you’re applying for. Most job announcements require anywhere from 4-10 questions or statements, for example, an Accounting Technician position may require:

Knowledge of fundamental accounting principles

Knowledge of automated accounting systems

Ability to organize information

Ability to interpret and apply policies and procedures in accounting

KSAs are evaluated using a point system; therefore your main objective is to provide quantitative or qualitative “specific” examples to support your KSA in order to gain higher points.

We highly recommend USA Jobs for your federal job search: www.usajobs.gov

Cover Letter Writing Services:

Similar to our traditional cover letter writing services, we recommend addressing your letter to a specific contact for a specific position; however, we will create an industry specific cover letter which you can easily modify as needed. You will most likely be asked to include this as part of your application packet, so don’t skip out on this important document. Remember the government has stringent rules for applying for positions and you must follow them accordingly or your résumé will not be accepted.

Application Assistance:

Some clients find this to be a daunting process and unsure of what exact information goes into the various areas of the application, or simply find it confusing. We can assist you with filling out the application at no extra charge. We’re happy to help!

Federal Résumé Pricing:

Federal résumés are longer than traditional résumés; therefore they take considerably more time to create. We have pricing for two categories: Non-Management for example: an Accounting Technician: GS-0503-07/08 earning $40,000-$56,000 and Management such as an HR Manager: GS-0201-13/13 earning $81,000-$110,000. Created in Microsoft Word and easy to modify.

Non-Management Federal Résumé- $325.00

Add Cover Letter: $375.00

Resume, Cover Letter and ATS Résumés: $425.00
(Make sure your résumé is suitable for Applicant Tracking Systems)

Management Federal Résumé- $445.00

Add Cover Letter-$495.00

Résumé, Cover Letter and ATS Résumés: $545.00
(Make sure your résumé is suitable for Applicant Tracking Systems)


Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ)- Traditional 10 Pages-$1000.00

Competency ECQs- $125.00 Per Page
There are five ECQs. Each competency is usually one page.

Technical Qualifications (TQs)- $125.00 Per Page
Each TQ is usually one page.

Federal Knowledge Skills & Abilities (KSA’s) or Government Ranking Factors – $150.00 up to 6 points

Rush Service – $95.00

Senior Executive Service (SES)

Please Note: Our Turnaround Time for SES Résumé Packages is 10-15 Business Days. We Also Offer Rush Service!

SES Résumé- $750.00

SES Cover Letter- $125.00

Full SES Package (No Cover Letter)- $1850.00

Includes SES Federal Résumé ECQs and TQs

Full SES Package- $1850.00

Includes SES Federal Résumé, ECQs and Cover Letter

Full SES Package with TQs- $1975.00

Includes SES Federal Résumé, ECQs, Cover Letter and TQs
We keep your resume on file for five years. Future updates are just $125.00 or $195.00.

Please contact us at info@blueprintresumes.com or 404-736-9284

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