Career/Business Consulting

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Do you need assistance in making your next career move?
Unsure which job search strategies work best?

With all of the job boards, social media and different recruiters out there it can become overwhelming. We’re here to help! From getting the interview to salary negotiation we help you to sell your personal brand and show what you are worth!

Whether you need in-person or telephone consulting and coaching it’s just $95.00 an hour.

Thinking of starting your own resume writing business? Great news! We are starting a business academy; meanwhile, you can receive one-on-one consulting now! Wendy Steele, the Founder of BluePrint Résumés & Consulting has been mentoring and coaching clients for this exciting profession for years. It’s still just $95 an hour and you can also order multiple hours or do a monthly retainer for a guaranteed amount of hours per month with a set schedule.

Click below for 1 hour of Career/Business Consulting.

Industries and Occupations: Sales and Marketing, Accounting/Finance, Information Technology, Public Relations, Human Resources, Healthcare, Education, Construction, Military, Aviation, Criminal Justice, Civil Service, Law Enforcement, Government, Customer Service, Supply Chain/Procurement, Real Estate, Mortgage, Banking, Architecture, Restaurant, Counseling, Ministry, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Law, Political, Sports, Entertainment, Transportation, Logistics, Security, Printing, Photography, Retail, Merchandising, Interior Design, Industrial, Telecommunications, Corporate Training, Diving, Cosmetology, Skilled Trades

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