À La Carte Services

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Next Day/Rush Service - $95.00The first draft in 24 - 48 hours after your consultation.
Cover Letter (General) - $75.00Complements a résumé by expanding on its relevant items.
Cover Letter (Customized) - $95.00 Custom tailored for a specific company and position.
ATS/E-Résumé - $75.00 per pageA résumé converted to a format that job search engines and email systems can correctly interpret.
Thank You Letter Brief - $50.00 Formal appreciation to the employer for an interview.
Résumé Revision - $85.00Modification of the grammatical/visual structure of your résumé.
Reference Sheet Basic - $25.00A source of information including 3 business and 3 personal testimonies.
Reference Sheet In-Depth - $50.00Comments from your former managers or colleagues.
Personal Statement - $95.00Career experience up until now and your ambition for the future.
Salary History Sheet - $50.00An account of your ending salary at every job you have worked (the past 10 or 15 years).
Bio - $150.00 Showcases the experience and expertise you bring to the table.
Website Bio/About Us - $195.00Engage visitors with details of your company's products and services or your areas of expertise.
Application Assistance - $60.00 per hourHelp with federal government, school or U.S. employment formal requests.
LinkedIn Profile Update EC Rate- $215.00LinkedIn Profile Update Existing Client rate.
LinkedIn Profile Minor Update EC Rate- $75.00LinkedIn Profile Minor Update Existing Client rate.
Note: For special circumstances we must review your existing résumé or conduct and initial consultation prior to ordering.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

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